Questions to Ask When Hiring a Commercial Construction Company

Building your business will likely be the biggest investment in your life, so it’s important to do your research when hiring a commercial construction company. The Iris Construction Management team has a huge focus on transparency and trust. We believe it’s important to ask the right questions, so you can hire the perfect commercial construction company for your project. 

The more information you gather, the easier it is to make the right choice. We’ve compiled a list of questions to ask before you start your build. 

What’s your experience with this kind of build?

This can help you understand why the commercial construction company’s pricing is the way it is. Often established firms have been in the business longer, have trustworthy reputations and are confident in their pricing. If the price seems to good to be true, there is probably a reason. 

Can I see your portfolio?

Similar to references, a portfolio should show off a commercial construction company’s best work. Don’t be afraid to ask! Any reputable company will be proud to talk about past projects. 

Talk to me about your pricing.

We stick to a fixed price point after properly assessing your base building specs and your current space’s condition, thoroughly study your business through a series of requests for information, and provide a comprehensive interior design consultation to determine your finishes.

How do you keep costs down?

Commercial construction companies like Iris have subcontractors bid on jobs to get you the best price possible. This is key to keeping costs down. 

What does your safety record look like?

A company who cares about their workers is a good indicator that they also care about their work. Workplace injuries also slow projects down. Look out for hesitancy in showing their safety records. 

What will my timeline look like?

The Iris Construction Management team will establish a timeline with build in time for uncontrollable events like weather so you get your projects on time and on budget

Who designs the projects? 

Find out if the commercial construction company has in-house designers or they outsource their work. Having designers in-house, like Iris Construction Management, is a huge asset to ensure fast communication and keeping everyone on the same page. 

When can construction start? 

The longer projects take, the more they cost. 

Explain your payment schedule.

Don’t go into your project with your eyes closed about the costs. Make sure you know how much payments will be and when they are due. 

How often do projects miss deadlines?

With proper planning and accurate contingency plans, there is no reason why any project should be delayed. Ask commercial construction companies for references to determine if they are able to meet their deadlines. 

Do you have site supervisors and contractors?

Quality control starts with a dedicated project manager and project coordinators, all the way to your site supervisors and contractors. It’s important to have a point of contact on the construction site and not leave it solely up to general contractors to take the lead on your projects. 

If you have questions about commercial construction, reach out to Iris Construction Management for honest answers and quality work.