Prepping for Your Design & Build Construction Project

With any design and build construction project , having your projected completed efficiently with quality work is the top priority. Having architects, engineers, designers and construction services provided from one source is key in giving clients the best service possible. It streamlines communication, gives our knowledgeable industry professionals a chance to collaborate, and ensures projects are completed on time and on budget. We share the common goals to give you the best product at the best price, right on time. 

If you are in the preparation stages of a design and build construction project, make sure you have the scope of your project well defined. You can get to that point by asking the right questions to the team of pros working on your project. Here are some points to consider asking when walking into your initial meeting: 

Know Your Budget 

Make a list of needs and wants. Budget can get out of control fast if you don’t have a clear idea of what you want. Once you have a maximum budget set, designers can work within that scope to cross as much as possible off your wants list before going over budget. 

Working backwards when you work outside of your financial parameters will cause delays in redesign, planning, sourcing other materials, and cause a lot of unnecessary stress. Plus, going back to the drawing table can delay construction, and creates change orders — both which cost you money. 

Research Energy Rebates 

Take advantage of energy rebates from local utility companies by asking if they offer returns for energy efficient installs like LED lighting, high efficiency HVAC systems, or dynamic glazing. The Iris Construction Management team is happy to build these requests into your design and build construction project. Not only will it save you money in rebates, but in the long run too! 

Know Your Required Specs 

You know your vision for your business. Describe that to your design and build construction team to the best of your abilities, but be specific. Bring samples of ideas you like, colors you want, preferred glaze on windows, feature wall examples, security features, etc.. The design team can do amazing work with the details you give them. Your ideas paired with their expert skills and advice can give you options to fit in your budget with designs that fit your vision. 

Search Current Trends 

What works in your industry? Visiting successful competitors is a great way to get inspiration for what can work in your space. Take photos, and make notes about what you like and don’t like about the spaces. Search Pinterest, Houzz, and other design apps and save photos to show your design and build team. 

Ask Questions 

No question is a bad question. It’s your project and it’s important that you have the answers you need. At Iris Construction Management , we want to build a lasting relationship with a team that’s working to make your vision a reality. Communication is key to making sure your project runs smoothly and everyone has the same expectations. 

Work with a design and build team with the skills, experience and reputation to bring your vision to life, contact us today.