What is Architectural Design?

Architectural design combines creative and technical skills to plan structures with aesthetics and efficiency in mind. Every building benefits from architectural design because every detail matters to the people utilizing your space.  The best architectural designers have considerable knowledge of both art and technical design to make beautiful, functional spaces that meet your objectives, within your budget. 

Who Creates an Architectural Design?

Typically, an architect is the creator of an architectural design. They will work with the space and elements of any given structure to create an aesthetically pleasing, functional design that flows seamlessly with its surroundings. 

The Design Process

A lot of details go into designing architectural projects. Architects carefully analyze each step to prioritize safety and comfort in your build. There are seven phases in the architectural design process. 

  • Pre-design
    • This is where the architectural designer will meet you and your future space. You will talk about your vision, goals, and tour the land to look at existing structures and the area of the build. The next step is for the architect to educate themselves on local building restrictions and zoning before they submit their bid for the project. 


  • Schematic Design 
    • This is where you see your dream come to life. Your vision and building systems come together in the form of:
      • Drawings 
      • Sketches 
      • 3D renders 
      • Preliminary site plans 
      • Floor plans 
      • Building elevations 
  • Design Development
    • This is where the details come in. Select interior and exterior finishes. Keep a detailed list of your wants and needs, and stick to that list when it comes to making finishing selections to stay within your budget. 
  • Construction Documents 
    • See every detail of your final design on your construction documents. Your permit set is submitted to the local permit office and the construction set remains on-site throughout construction. 
  • Building Permits 
    • Your permit office will review the plans submitted to confirm your plans meet:
      • Zoning laws
      • Building codes
      • Structural integrity
  • Bidding 
    • This is where you find a contractor for your project. You will provide construction documents and technical specifications to contractors and they will negotiate with you to work on your projects. Be careful of hidden costs and low bids. 
    • Never worry about this step again when you choose the Iris Construction Management design-build option. Our team will source trusted contractors within your price range to meet your goals and remain on time and on budget. We also provide you with a detailed list of transparent pricing, so you know there are no hidden costs in your build. 
  • Construction 
    • This is where the contractor and their crew take over and begin your build. The architectural designer will make regular visits on-site to ensure everything is being executed correctly. With careful planning and a team of professional project managers, your project will stay on time and on budget. 

Our team of designers will work with you to create an efficient space that meets your vision and carries out your goals in your new build. Contact Iris Construction Management today.