Design Phase During Pre-Construction

Design Phase During Pre-Construction

Clients will get an understanding of scope, cost, and schedule in the design phase during pre-construction. It gives clients a chance to get an understanding of a project before they commit to work being done. Pre-construction is a vital part of the construction process that contributes to the success of your build. 

The design phase during pre-construction will:

  • Define the project
  • Identify potential issues
  • Plan and schedule
  • Determine the scope 
  • Estimate cost 
  • Provide an analysis of the job’s needs 


Every construction job has phases that contribute to the final result of a project. When you miss a phase, it will likely lead to problems in the future. The construction design is important to help the client visualize how the project will look when it’s completed. 

When most people think of the design phase during pre-construction, they think of aesthetics. In fact, it allows people to see the space for each component, equipment, furnishings, and other elements they want in their space. Having a clear understanding of what’s involved in construction design makes for a smoother working relationship between clients, trades, designers, and anyone else involved. 

At IRIS, we believe in the importance of having a well-thought-out construction design to help jump-start your build. Here’s why we think it’s so important: 

Trusted Professionals

We work with a team of skilled engineers, architects, designers, trades, and have long-term relationships with city officials across the nation. Our commercial design services team knows the permitting process, requirements for each area, and regional concerns that we need to plan for before your build. We don’t bring anyone on unless we are confident they can complete their job expertly, and efficiently. 

If/when issues arise, this can bring projects to an abrupt halt. This wastes time and often has costly consequences — most of which can be avoided in the pre-construction phase. 

With proper planning and an experienced team, clients can expect projects to stay on time and on budget. 

Clear Communication

Clients come to us with a vision. Our construction design team works to make that vision a reality on paper. Then we use a contractor to bring that vision to fruition. 

Each person needs to work together to communicate what they want and need so everyone is happy with the final result, and there are clear expectations along the way. This is why initial meetings are so important. All parties need to feel comfortable communicating and coordinating with each other to make each project a success. 

Without clear communication and proper planning, clients run the risk of disappointment, there is an increased chance of error, and miscommunication can cause delays and costly mistakes. 

Problem Solving 

Typically, the original plans end up getting tweaked along the way. Using professionals who are flexible and provide innovative solutions in construction design are an asset. Once construction begins, it’s costly to make changes, so anticipating problems beforehand is a must. 

Get a faster delivery of your project with our construction design firm . We handle everything from start to finish while ensuring your project is completed to your standards. Contact IRIS Construction Management here.